Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good morning!!  My sweet friend Laura and I are going to start a blog this week.  Look for it in your mailboxes and on Facebook.  In the meantime, no new horrific dating stories other than I don't seem to really be meeting anyone new.  I have been talking to a guy on the phone for 3 weeks, but he is literally too busy to squeeze in even a coffee date.  Any tips on how to meet people.  I am not really into the bar scene and the dating websites are pretty subjective.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Botany Bob is really just a farmer

So, My dear friend Laura saved me from a disastrous coffee date with Botany Bob.  That sparked a firestorm of comments on the woes of internet dating and dating in general.  I am coming at it from the perspective of having been married for 21 years and being really rusty.  Where does a sassy single woman of a certain age meet a fun, artist and God fearing man.  NOT of POF (plenty of fish)  and sadly not on Match.com ( rife with scammers).  So, I told them I would start writing on my blog about the adventures that I have been having.  Frankly I think there must be a secret code on the sites that I can't see saying, if you are fat old and balding please email/message/flirt with this woman.  And I am not talking just a few of these men, but many, many of them.  And forget Christian Mingle.  That was the worst!!  I know that I am not 40 with long blonde hair or super sexy, but jeepers, I think I am a nice person with a big heart with plenty to offer the right man.  So, here goes nothing.  Also.  My mom ad I have started naming the "dates" so far I have Kabul Kevin, Botany Bob, Concrete Chris and Bogus Bill.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Arts Garden: A new beginning

I am trying to figure this blogging stuff out. Please bear with me. Check out the artsgarden website to see the photos of the swing dance.

Arts Garden: A new beginning: Jill Birk and I are kicking off Arts Garden tonight with a Swing Dance. I am looking forward to seeing what the turn out is like and havin...